Environmental Control Systems
Designed to Improve Mushroom Cultivation

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Developed in the Lab, Perfected by the Growers

Remove the uncertainty in your mushroom harvests and scale to meet your growing demand.

Our unique mushroom cultivation system, developed using the latest scientific research and tested by professional growers, simultaneously regulates carbon dioxide, humidity, and temperature, reducing control conflicts and improving efficiency

The result is a tightly controlled environment that leads to higher yields, healthier mushrooms, longer shelf life, and decreased contamination.

Unlock Your Crop's Potential with MycoLogic

Spore 40 Mushroom Farm

  • Turnkey deployment
  • Fully integrated environmental control system
  • R28, thermally broken insulation
  • 3.5 ton HVAC system 
  • 6lb/hour humidification system 
  • Two-stage spore filtration
Designing & Planning

Designing & Planning

For those who want a custom solution, either retrofitting an existing structure or building from the ground up, we offer design services that include farm layout plus process and cultivation consulting.
Spore 40 Mushroom Farm

Spore 40 Mushroom Farm

Ready to grow on day one, these units are outfitted with preset environmental profiles that automatically monitors, records, and controls temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels to give the mushrooms exactly what they want.

Gourmet Culinary Mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms offer an elevated experience for chefs and food enthusiasts alike.

Beyond taste, they’re nutritional powerhouses, packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Beloved varieties like shiitake and oyster bring potential anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting benefits. These mushrooms offer a fusion of flavor and medicinal benefits for the consumer.

Varieties Supported

Blue, Pink, White, Elm, and Golden Oysters, King Trumpet, Shiitake, Lions Mane, Bear’s Tooth, Maitake, Enoki, Chestnut, Beech, Pioppino, Nameko & more.

Functional Nutraceuticals

Cultivated for their exceptional health benefits and rich flavor profiles, nutraceutical mushrooms are powerful dietary supplements. Packed with bioactive compounds, they offer immune system support, antioxidants, and contribute to overall holistic wellness, representing the pinnacle of nutritional quality.

Incorporate some of these diverse varieties into your production lineup to meet the demands of the global health and wellness industry. Utilizing MycoLogic, you can optimize both the quality and yield of these prized nutraceutical mushrooms, revered by cultures worldwide.

Varieties Supported

Reishi, Turkey Tail, Lion’s Mane, Bear’s Tooth, Cordyceps & more.

The MycoLogic Team

Research Scientist Kyle Gabriel, center, removes the fruiting body of the Oyster mushrooms on a bag of wheat straw and cotton seed hulls as Graduate Research Assistant Daniel Rhiner watches and keeps notes in the BioInnovation Lab at Prillaman Hall on the Kennesaw Campus Thursday August 1, 2019. The BioInnovation Lab grows the mushrooms as part of a USDA-funded study on fungi by KSU researchers. Jason Getz / Kennesaw State University
Kyle Gabriel, Ph.D. Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Cornelison
Chris Cornelison, Ph.D. Co-Founder

The MycoLogic Story

Motivated by a lack of technology solutions designed for mushroom growers, MycoLogic began in 2017 as an academic research project at Kennesaw State University’s Bioinnovation Laboratory in Kennesaw, Georgia.
After winning grants from the USDA and the Georgia Research Alliance, the project took off and in 2021 MycoLogic was founded to bring our technology directly to mushroom growers.
Our team combines both master’s and PhD-level expertise and experience in applied microbiology, economics of controlled environment agriculture, specialty mushroom cultivation, as well as hardware and software development.
Our goal is to provide affordable, effective cultivation systems for mushroom growers everywhere.

MycoLogic Awards

People's Choice Winner in the 2023 American Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge

Winner of the 2023 Georgia Center of Innovation Georgia AgTech Summit Pitch Competition

Finalist in the 2023 American Farm Bureau Ag Innovation Challenge

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